The Firm specializes
in Insurance Law

We usually receive request of legal advice asked by different insurance companies in order to establish the right interpretation of clauses stated in the insurance policies, their validity, extend and scope of application according to Argentine Law, the principal authors opinion and / or the previous decisions of the courts. We consider important subjects, such as institutional or very expensive matters, including aspects of insurance and / or facultative reinsurance relative to aviation, property, banking, fire, indemnity, hull and machinery, construction, labour risks. We provide advice about the convenience to reject a claim and we also propose the wording of the letters that the insurance companies shall sent to the assured. We also manage extra-judicial claims, arbitrages, mediations and / or lawsuits entailed with the subjects above mentioned, and also with collection of unpaid premium.

Another aspects and services that are also offered by us refer to the extra-judicial management of the claims. We trained a group of professionals and people highly qualified that visit, on behalf of the clients insurance companies, as soon as the accidents occurred, the injured parties that have a relationship with the policy-holder. Therefore, our team verify the importance and degree of the injuries, they obtain details about the cause of the damage, they try to take depositions and to collect other useful proofs about the accident, such as identifying witnesses, take photographs of the place where the facts happened and follow the criminal instruction assisting and defending the assured. Then, with all these data’s and only when it is correct and convenient, we offer a quickly out of court settlement agreement in order to avoid the increasing of the claimed amounts. This method save a lot of money due to interests, lawyers fees, expenses and other costs (for example expert witnesses, judicial taxes, mediators fees). In case of car crash, we control the case since the very beginning with the obtainment of the criminal files and the police reports, trying to negotiate with the injured people an out of court settlement.

When it is not possible to close the matter in an amicable way with the injury party, our staff try to improve the insurance company position before an eventual lawsuit. Accordingly, we take an additional statement from the assured and we provide him all our experience and advice to solve or minimise the problem. If there is a criminal case against the insured, we also request the Judge to collect depositions of witnesses. If there is only a civil claim, we follow the defence of the assured in mediation process or lawsuits. 

Eventually, we give legal advice to insurance companies with respect to liabilities of Public Services, Public Works Contractors, Buildings Consortium and Banks among others.


Consumer Protection Law

The firm carry out complaints about Insurance Policies Breach of Contracts, Extended Warranty Policies, Cell Phones Robberies, etc. We perform our legal work in several application areas, as follows:

We attend hearings and reply all types of requests done by the Consumer Protection Law Offices in Buenos Aires and suburbs, opposing the suitable defenses against/or attending the claims done by the policy holders, keeping in mind the instructions of the Assurers, trying to explain the consumers the coverage of the Policy -usually unknown by the policy holders – and making deals with them.

On a lesser scale, the unsolved claims reach the Courts. In these cases and with the evidences collected previously, we assume the defense of the Insurance Companies.
We also attend the appeals into the Courts in cases when the company was penalized by the Government Office.